GIEDREM is a contemporary jewellery brand based in Kent, UK. The brand inspiration is mainly drawn from nature and its objective is to apply raw materials from different aspects of the industry. Combining industrial materials with precious metals, Giedrem creates eccentric and luxurious pieces of jewellery.

GIEDREM’s creative director and chief designer Giedre Masanovets, who graduated from the School of Design at UCA in 2012 is fascinated with the contrast of simplicity and complexity, fragility and power, destruction and rebirth that Nature regularly so willingly demonstrates.

Mimicking these natural processes, the brand strives to create complex, yet natural looking pieces.

GIEDREM enjoys using industrial materials, and through manipulation and transformation of the same, through its unique creative processes, it assigns to them a new identity and an all together different purpose, much more ethereal, juxtaposed against their original use and initial purpose and objective.

This juxtaposition between natural form and man-made materials is intentional and although the brand uses various materials for each individual project, the tendency for representing organic form and repetitive shapes remains consistent throughout its varied outcomes.